Monday, February 25, 2013

A house update...

This weekend is going to be a marathon weekend of sorts.. we are throwing Penny's first birthday party and then moving the following day.

So about 3 months ago we settled into renting the house that we had an offer on and ever since have been battling with the bank (the house is on its way to foreclosure) to get a price locked in. About a month ago Adam and I finally decided that enough is enough; it's clear that we are not going to come to terms on a price that works for us. We weren't terribly heartbroken because there's been a few things that have come to light that have left us a little disenchanted with this house. Such as ... a failing septic system. And weird electrical issues. To sort of cement our plans into place, we decided that we're hightailing it out of Dodge and Adam is looking to transfer to Paccar's technical center in Mount Vernon.  Housing is much more affordable, it seems like there is a ton more available on the market (houses and land), we'll be closer to his family and we both love the northern part of Washington state, as we met and fell in love in Bellingham.

In the meantime, since obviously he hasn't secured a new position yet, we will be renting our friend's house about 5 miles from where we live now for the next 6ish months.  This buys us a little time for Adam to apply / accept a new position and also keep an eye out for the next house that we will move into. And live in for the next 500 years (fingers crossed). This will be our 3rd move in 1 1/2 years.

I was looking through some of our boxes o' stuff and realized that I haven't even seen some of these things in almost 3 years. Makes me want to purge all of our stuff in a really bad way. Obviously we've done just fine without it, and yet we still break out backs moving it around.

Anywho.. So that's what is going on for the next couple weeks, in case you were wondering why it was all quiet over in The Pierogie Mama land ;)

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