Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A story about Chocolat, chocolate, an unfulfilled promise and quality time with the Pops

My high school band used to march in a parade every fall in a little town called Leavenworth, which is modeled after a Bavarian Village.

My high school band-buddy-BFF had recently switched schools so she couldn't make it, much to the dismay of a upperclassman who had a pretty big crush on her.

After the parade we all had our free time and he bought her some expensive fancy chocolate and entrusted it to me to give it to her the next time I saw her.

Later that week, my soon to be stepdad asked me if I wanted to hang out and watch a movie with him. There was a new Johnny Depp movie that he had rented - Chocolat.  We started watching the movie, and if you know the plot, it's about a small French town where a woman and her daughter open a chocolate shop right before Lent.

After a few minutes into the movie, David turns to me and says "You know what would be perfect right now? Some chocolate."  But we couldn't corrupt the experience with plain old Hershey's. 

I sheepishly told him about the chocolate I was saving for my friend. It would be pure evil to eat this chocolate ourselves, I said to him. But it would be SO PERFECT.

Taking the high road, we left the chocolates alone and continued to watch the movie. But the thought of those delicious chocolates were burned into our minds. A few minutes later, without even saying a word - we both looked at each other, he paused the movie and I went into my room and retrieved the chocolates. And then we ate them.

There you have it, a 13 year old secret that has finally reared its sweet deceptive head. Now I *really* want to watch the movie again...

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