Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mama's night out at the Mommie Mixer

On Saturday I took my very first night out away from Penny by attending the first annual Mommie Mixer in Bellevue. Yep.. Lil P is nigh on 14 months old and this was the first time we spent more than 4 hours apart!

Now that Penny is older and is more established with eating solids, I feel more comfortable being away and not available to nurse her that often. She got to spend some quality Daddy-daughter time and fell asleep like a champ for him. I was never worried, of course - Penny has had a very strong bond with Adam from the start and I didn't feel anxious at all about leaving her with him for the extended period of time. I received a text-report at about 7:00 that she had asked to go "nigh-night" and fell asleep on his chest after a few rounds of "Baby Beluga." Isn't that so sweet?? Melted this mama's heart right then and there.

I got to hang out at the Buttons Cloth Diapers booth with Amy, the owner, whom I got to know a little better. You can check out my review here. We got to share about the benefits of cloth diapers, talk about the ease of the Buttons all-in-two system and hopefully encourage moms who previously didn't know very much about cloth diapers into considering them as an option.

Look! There's me - in the little black dress. And the gorgeous lady in red is Amy of Buttons Diapers.
/// Image credit: Mommie Mixer
Thanks for a fun night out, Amy!

Interested in learning more about Buttons Cloth Diapers? Find them on Amazon and local retailers!

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  1. Love your dress! It's so awesome to see behind the scenes. (Amy, of Buttons Diapers). It makes buying the product more meaningful.



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