Friday, April 19, 2013

A Renovator At Heart Weighs In

Did you know that my blogging roots began when my husband and I bought our first home and tore it apart in the first weekend we moved in?

We had been looking for a house to buy for almost a year before we landed on this one. It was a fixer upper that had excellent bones, but had definitely been mistreated over the last few years. The least of our worries was the new paint and flooring that it was going to require. The biggest problem? The kitchen. The cabinets were rotted out. It had to go.

So we enlisted about 20 of our friends and family who all took in delight in tearing out the guts of the house and leaving us with an empty shell. Literally.
Less than 2 years later we turned that shell into this:
Oh how much heart and soul (and money) we poured into this house. Long story short, my husband's job relocated us 3 hours north of that home and now we're on our new path.. But, these are stories for another time.

Although we are definitely DIY'ers through and through, there are plenty of reasons why the next time we purchase a home we'd look into building a home or buying brand new.

Besides saving yourself the trouble of doing upgrades and renovations yourself (which not everyone has the know how or time to do), a few good reasons to buy a brand new home include:

  • Whether you elect to shop around for land and then work with your builder of choice or if you find a development already underway and jump in after the start of construction, there is tons of room for customization. Depending on how far into the process the builder already is, the buyer can tweak the placement of some rooms, color schemes and add on some upgrades (like granite, light fixtures, etc).  We've specifically looked at floor plans that would allow Adam to turn a 3 car garage into a 6 car garage. Yes, my husband is really into cars.
  • Brand new homes are more energy efficient than older homes (even 10 year old ones!). They feature energy efficient appliances, windows and insulation.
  • Most builders offer various home warranties so you have peace of mind knowing that if something isn't just right, it will get taken care of. 
  • And there are so many more reasons why buying a new home is worth thinking about on  BHI’s Start Fresh Buy New website
When thinking about purchasing a home, do you gravitate towards new or used? 

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. Cool color combination that is. Neutral colors are always been the best option to go.



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