Monday, July 1, 2013

Monthly Its: Seven 2013

Have you checked out lovely LeLa Studios? Lisu literally has over 50 prints for lunch bags and school accessories! Send your child back to school in September with a one of a kind binder pouch and messenger bag or snag one for yourself so you can be an eco friendly fashionista :) She loves custom orders so if you have something in mind, send her a message.

Have I told you enough times that Buttons Diapers are my favorite diaper covers ever? Penny has been sporting hers all summer - be it as a real diaper or as a swim cover. Either way, it keeps everything in. And her bum looks so cute too :) Amy's sweet Baby I is due this month - so why don't you give her a welcome-baby gift by clicking over onto her site and checking out her affordable diaper system that can get you from birth to potty trained for about $240?

I'm also happy to introduce Misty from Malistah. She makes ah-maze-ing custom journals, cards, invitations and more. When I say ah-maze-ing, please don't take me lightly. Check her out.  For the dog lovers, she makes cards with pugs, poodles, yellow labs - to name a few. I'll be posting a review & giveaway soon, and I am seriously so excited to share how special her journals are. 

So here's what's been coming across my screen lately. Check 'em out, we've got some good reads, tips and recipes.
  • We road trip a lot. A lot. Can I say it one more time? A lot. Short trips, long trips, red trips and blue trips. Road trip snack suggestions are always welcome!
  • This month Penny has truly transitioned from two naps per day to usually one. Refresh yourself with infant and toddler sleep patterns.
  • Summer time is here and Miss Penny runs around bottomless many an afternoon. She's also developed an interest in her potty, and will use it usually each evening as we wind down before bed. Did your child transition out of diapers during the summer? Here's some tips on why it's easier.
  • Warm weather doesn't always inspire me to reach for a cup of tea, but this post has me planning to use up my current stash and switch to loose leaf in the fall.
  • Speaking of Penny pee, Mama pee is important too. Thoughts on why peeing in the shower is a good thing.
  • One time use is sort of the American way, isn't it? One trip to Target proves it all.
  • Strawberry season is over in most parts of the country, but here are 40 yummy recipes, and how I freeze ours for smoothies.
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