Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Never miss a {The Pierogie Mama} post, thanks to Blog Lovin'

For those of you who follow via Google Reader, you probably already know that it was discontinued earlier this week.

A great alternative to making sure you get all of your favorite blogs fed into one place is Blog Lovin'. It easily shows you new blog posts, allows you to "like" them for future reference, and will even send you a daily digest email if you want one. 

You should still be able to import your Google Reader blogs to Blog Lovin' easily. If not, you can start from scratch and just use that handy search bar in the top right.

Here's the quick and easy link to follow me directly-

Follow on Bloglovin
Otherwise, I'd still love to keep up with you via my other social media platforms..

I will follow you back if you leave a link in the comments :) 

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