Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sankofa Diapers Review & Giveaway

Sankofa: San Kofa in the Akan Language of West Africa means going back to our roots.

Sankofa Diapers, owned by Winnie and her husband, is more than just a business to them. Growing up in Ghana, cloth diapering was the norm for Winnie. I asked her what it's like to cloth diaper in Ghana, and she told me: 

"Most families rely on good old fashioned prefolds and plastic pants. All rural families rely on their prefolds and covers for their diapering needs. People don't even use wipes. You just get a cup of water when baby goes potty and wash them up before you put a new one on. 
Most people in the suburbs still use the same methods. 

But there has been a lot of exposure to disposables in the cities. SO many brands to count and so most people in the cities and some in the suburbs are turning to disposable. Most Ghanaian women these days are working moms and do not want to deal with washing diapers when they get home. 99% of homes in Ghana wash by hand. I personally washed my diapers by hand when I visited with my then 18 month old in 2011. Wasn't a big deal to me because that is how I know it to be done before I came to the United States and owned a washer and dryer.

Main difference between the two [rural and suburban] is that educated Ghanaians today think everything done or promoted in the developed countries as golden...
Cloth diapering is becoming a thing of the past and is more for less educated or less fortunate families. Just as eating fast food has become the norm for the "well to do."

Children potty trained really quickly because they are allowed to play around in underwear when they start walking. Most families like mine started elimination communication around 2 months old. You were put on the potty every morning at a particular time until you pottied. And so we learned pretty early. I remember my mom waking my brother up twice every night to pee until he could get up and do it by himself without help."

How interesting to come from a perspective where cloth diapering is for the underclass whereas here it almost seems like cloth diapering families are viewed from an 'elite' angle - the diapers cost more to start out and they take more time to care for and prepare (when in reality it saves you SO much money!). 

I had the chance to review a Sankofa Diaper and I wanted to share about this unique diaper.

First things first: this is a one size pocket diaper. The sizing runs true to most other brands - I feel like most kids from about 9-30 lbs could comfortably fit and play in these diapers. It features cross over snaps so that you can use it on a skinnier baby. 

Next I want to draw your attention to the inserts. They are a blend of bamboo and microfiber - thirsty bamboo on the outer layer with a microfiber core. I'm a huge fan of bamboo inserts because Penny is a fast wetter - many of our standard inserts and covers that we've been using for well over 18 months simply cannot absorb quickly enough. Bamboo does the trick! 

Then there's this unique twist with Sankofa Diaper inserts - take a look at the snaps.

The inserts feature snaps so that you can stack the two sizes of inserts on top of each other (great for night time or heavy wetters) but you can also adjust them based on where your child wets more often - do they wet more towards the front (boys) or back (girls). Genius!

And then there's the fun part - all the prints! We were sent the 'froggy princess' print, which has been a huge hit with Penny. Her nickname from her babcia (Polish for 'grandma') is Zabka, which means 'froggy.' Over the last few months Penny has amassed a small family of "buddies" (froggies) and when I pulled this diaper out of the mail, she truly squealed in delight and could not wait to put it on.

We've been loving this diaper as a new addition to our stash, and the versatility of orienting the inserts based on where your little one wets is really awesome.

Want to win your own Sankofa Diaper? One lucky winner will win a 3 pack these sweet dipes! Check out the giveaway widget below to enter. This giveaway is open to the US & Canada - please read the terms and conditions for full details regarding giveaway rules.

In the meantime, you can also take advantage of 15% off your order from Sankofa Diapers a Pierogie Mama reader! Just use code PIEROGIEMAMA

Disclosure: I received product in exchange for an honest review, 
though all opinions expressed are my own. Please read the terms and conditions for complete rules for entering the giveaway.


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