Tuesday, June 24, 2014

5 super mom tips

Being a true super mom is like finding the holy grail. I don't believe it's ever going to happen, but the internet is a wonderful place to learn about different ways of doing things, right? I definitely don't have it together, but some days the stars align and at the end of the day I feel like I've done it all in one fell swoop. Here's 5 of my tips on how to get your life in somewhat manageable, efficient order. ;) I'd love to hear your tips in the comments!

1. Identify your time wasters. Facebook, cell phone, etc. And strive to cut that in half and turn that time into something productive. Sure, time wasters tend to be our sanity savers too, but everything in moderation, right? You can start to figure these things out by keeping a time log for a few days and then work from there to see what can get cut out.

2. Shop online, and schedule subscriptions where you can. Diapers.com is your one stop shop for a ton of baby supply items - diapers, nursery, books, and you can even register there too. At Diapers.com you can take advantage of a $12 off discount on your first purchase of a case of Huggies diapers (use promocode wowhuggies). Plus get free shipping when you spend $49+. You can also schedule house hold item deliveries (such as tooth paste, paper towels) through Amazon.

3. Prepare meals ahead of time - fill the coffee machine the night before, soak oatmeal overnight, weekly meal planning, or try knocking out a ton of freezer meals all at one time. If at all possible, don't go grocery shopping at "peak hours" and try to shop once a week. (For those of you who are in baby-food making mode, keep an eye out for the near future of my Cuisinart Baby Food Maker review + giveaway! Click here to get inspiration on baby food recipes)

4. Cleaning schedule. Ugh. My arch nemesis. Now if you told my husband that I'm giving cleaning tips on my blog, he'd probably spit his coffee out in absolute disbelief. Yep, I'm a messy mom. Toys are rarely organized (usually thrown in a basket in the evening, if we're lucky), laundry tends to stay in a bin for a week before getting put away (unless its cloth diapers), and my broom is named Squirt (my dog). But we all aspire to grow and learn, don't we? My goal for the next couple months is to work out a functional cleaning schedule and keep to it - I'll fill you in if this becomes a reality. ;)

5. Save time on laundry - this will function along with your cleaning schedule. There's tons of ways to go about it; do a load a day, save all the laundry for one day, different sorting techniques or just dump it all in. Do you fold? I'm shamelessly admitting that if it doesn't get hung, it will probably be crumpled into a drawer. But hey, not folding saves you time, right? ;)

What other super mom tips can you share for being efficient with your time?

Disclosure: I'd like to thank Huggies for sponsoring my post today! All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. A money saver is to run laundry on one day, keeping the dryer running, unless you can hang it out. I put baby in a carrier and knock out outside chores. Time and sanity saver at once !

  2. Boo on number one! As for cleaning/organizing: open faced stacking bins have been a lifesaver. Picture labels and open faces means sorting is as fast as just throwing them together. Laundry.... I hate to admit this--i just throw a couple things in with the cloth diapers everyday. We're a "wear it till it smells or gets a spill" sort of family, so when something needs washing, it needs washing NOW. Diaper laundry is every day so it's not really a hassle. We have laundry bins in our rooms (still wearing bins) and a bin in the bathroom (the ewww wash 'ems). Works for us.

  3. I second the baby wearing clean up as well! Pair it with The Babywearing Workout and I'll bet you'll both be knocked out for a while :)



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