Monday, June 9, 2014

Ruby: 2 & 3 Months

Oh gosh, keeping up with these two kids on a monthly basis is going to be tough! I can totally see why second baby books are typically only half filled out. We're just on the go all the time - I have to scroll through the pictures on my phone to remind myself of what has gone on!!

Dear Ruby,

12 weeks - 12 weeks! What is going on here? You've very quickly turned into this bubbly little baby and I just can't get enough of your fat little rolls! At around 6 weeks it was almost as if you woke up from your newborn slumber and turned into an infant over night.

One of your very favorite things right now is being naked, which is funny because in your first 6 weeks you could not stand being changed. But now we let those rolls out several times a day and you get to kick, flap and attempt to roll around on a towel. And you LOVE it. You've developed a little ticklish spot right at your shoulders and you completely lose it if I gently graze that spot. You also think your sister is the bee's knees and if you are awake when she comes into our bedroom in the morning, your face lights up like a spotlight. I can already tell that you admire her so much. Penny has been asking to hold you a lot lately too - I think she's starting to learn more about big sister responsibilities. For my shower in the mornings I've been turning on a Sesame Street episode for Penny on our bed, then you and I head into the bathroom. The whir of the fan calms you, and I put you into your little bouncer and I can typically take a decent shower. Sometimes you need to be bounced, and on more than one occasion I've heard you start to squawk and then quiet down...because your sister came into the bathroom to bounce you while I shower. Oh, my melts for you two.
I wouldn't say that we have a schedule by any means; your sister still runs the show on that one. The morning is fair game until noon to two, where she takes a nap. Lately you have been taking a nap between 8-10a and then you usually will nap at the same time as Penny and some days even longer. Daddy comes home around 4 or 5 and we get dinner going and before we know it, its 7pm and you are ready for bed and your sister gets bath time. Life is really hectic, as always, but the days are getting warmer and we're starting to have fun outside again.

Developmentally you are really close to hitting a few new milestones. I've caught you half rolled over (it's a lot easier when you're naked), you smile and laugh a lot, and have started to string together your own little words and have "talked" back and forth with me a few times. You've just about outgrown your co-sleeper and will probably transition to sleeping on the mattress with us in the next week or so. You sleep better when I let you nap on the mattress during the day anyways.

Oh, and a funny note.. your sister came up with a nickname for you. Ruby Booby. Yep. I hope you can out grow that one before middle school ;) Good luck!

I love you little girl,


  1. that's so sweet and don't forget penny calling her Ruuuuby baaaaby

  2. Lovely post! Sometimes I am really ready to have another baby, but then I think about how hard it will be to divide my time between two children. I also think about how "me time" to even get chores done is scarce now, so I imagine it will be nonexistent when another little one finally enters the picture. It's after thinking about this that I am content to wait a little longer ;)! Love, love, LOVE the picture of them napping together on the bed. One of the most precious things. It's too much adorable to handle all at once! Glad that Penny is starting to come into her own as far as being an older sister goes, and that Ruby "Booby" already adores her. You sure do have two beautiful daughters, Bianca!!!

    1. Thanks Lalia! Yes, it's very hard to eak out a bit of personal time (shoot, personal time means blog time these days!) but it's a season that I am weathering through with as much grace and patience as I can muster. I know in a few years it'll all be a blur and I'll be missing e snuggly baby time when I have a 4 and 2 year old on my hands. :)



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