Friday, October 24, 2014

Busy Mornings are tough #BringHillshireHome

This is a sponsored post for the Mom It Forward network. All opinions are my own.

This morning I found myself elbow deep in ground turkey.

It seems to be a season of new babies in my MOPs group, and one of my favorite ways to serve others is to prepare meals. Especially for new moms.  And somehow I signed myself up to bring dinner to two families this evening, in addition to cooking for my own, so my day started EARLY.

And I was presented with this option.
An epic battle between two breakfast foes, am I right? Sweet, evil indulgence vs. healthy, light and good for you.

Any other morning, I would have had a really hard time making this choice, ladies. Because I *always* opt for chocolate. Always. But this morning (and afternoon, as it turned out) required my full attention in juggling meatballs, bacon, peach muffins, Dinosaur Train, and diaper laundry. Oh, and wearing a 18 lb infant on my back. Sure, that donut would have satisfied a craving and given me a little bit of energy. But halfway through the muck of ground turkey, I would have realized that it isn't enough and then I'd have to carefully wash up while my sugar high quickly crashed and I'd be left shaking, wondering what I can do to fix this. Because I didn't take care of myself.

Luckily earlier this week a JimmyDean coupon (a Hillshire Brands product) came across my Just For U app and I snagged it, knowing that not every morning is perfect and allows me to take my time to sip my coffee and eat my breakfast.

So prepping breakfast this morning took 3 minutes, which allowed me a couple seconds to collect my thoughts, think about the ingredients that I'd need to pull together and get started with like zero breakfast clean up.

Was it tasty? Yes. Was it quick? Yes! Did I have the energy to get through my 3 dinner preps before lunch time? YES, YES!

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