Thursday, October 23, 2014

JBF Lynnwood: The Sale is ON!

This week has been a busy one! Besides recovering from 4 days in California, followed by the Enchanting Fall Ball and a family pumpkin carving day...I still had to prepare for my second time consignment at the Just Between Friends of Lynnwood sale on Tuesday night! Eeep! Thankfully all the hard work had already been done when my first time consigning, so all I was doing this time around was adding to the pile and getting it over to the event location. But still...things rarely go perfectly and of course there had to be a little bit of excitement during drop off!

But once I dropped off my items and put them on the racks, I breathed a huge sigh of relief because that meant the rest of the week was going to be easy-peasy. All I had left do this week was shop at the sale, cook a few meals for some new mamas and then pick up my unsold items on Saturday. Whew! Whoever said that sometimes you need a vacation after your vacation hit the nail right on the head.

As always, I love to share about some of the great deals I snagged and give you a peek at what is in store at the sale. 

I know I say this every time, but this time I got such a great deal! One of the benefits of being a consignor at JBF is that you get advanced viewing of what is for sale the next day ;) While hanging my items and dropping off my toys, I keep an eye out for what is for sale and benchmarking if my items are priced correctly. My friend pointed out a fabulous red retro play kitchen set that I knew Penny would love, but also knew that it would probably go very quickly. You see, consignors and volunteers have access to pre-sale hours, so not only does it pay to consign and volunteer (volunteers get a higher percentage back on their sales), but it also gives you a heads up on what is at the sale! If that's not motivation, I don't know what is!

So I took a look at this adorable kitchen set and it was priced at $6.00. $6! I examined it, everything looked pretty much brand new and sighed a sad sigh, knowing that someone else would snag it before I would the following day.

I bet you can tell where this is going - I GOT IT! By the time I showed up to shop, the little red kitchen was still there and I quickly flagged down a volunteer to set it aside for me. 

The JBF Lynnwood sale this season is literally overflowing with items! You've got rows and rows of clothes (I didn't see any size for boys, girls or maternity that seemed under represented), Halloween / dress up costumes, shoes, baby gear (several very discounted Ergos, I might add) and toys galore. 

So get yourself down to Gold Creek Church in Mill Creek, starting today! Be sure to check the full sale schedule - there are special pre-sale times for first time parents, military families, MOPS groups, and more!

Fall 2014 Public Sale Hours:
Thursday Oct 23: 12 - 8pm

Friday Oct 24: 9 - 7pm
Saturday Oct 25: 8 - 2pm (Half Price Day!)
Gold Creek Church, Mill Creek WA
4326 148th St SE, Mill Creek, WA 98012

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by JBF of Lynwood. All opinions are my own!


  1. I love that little red kitchen. I am so glad it was still there when you went back.



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