Monday, October 6, 2014

Penny for your thoughts (vol 2)

That moon looks bossy.

I'm special. Daddy is special. Babcia is special. Ruby is NOT special.

It's rather juicy.

I like the sun, the moon and the stars. They're special. Because they're fragile.

Tinkerbell is my favorite. She's a fairy, I think. And Queen Elsa is a Queen! AH! Frozen is my favorite!!

P: Elsa is pretty. Anna is pretty. Ruby is pretty.
B: Is mama pretty?
P: It's a little different.

I'm PENELOPE, daughter of Bianca!

My freckle is lost, probably.

Penny took the remote, turned on the tv and this happens:
"Oh no, the remote turned the tv on!"
"Can I watch something like Super Why, Sesame Street or daddy's car show?"
"hmm.. this isn't working. Let me figure this out." (stands on a box to get a little taller)
"I'm having a hard time figure this out. I have to figure this out. Cuz I turned on the show. It's in my story. But I can't."

Sometimes we just need to play dress-up.

Ruby likes puking and I like BUTTER!

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