Friday, March 27, 2015

Catch the moment: Week 8

Nurse Loves Farmer

Well, the last time I checked in was on Week 7. EEP! Well, the last 5 weeks have been filled with birthday party prep, a visit from my parents and then the recovery phase. HA! So now that life is back in order, I have finally caught up on my daily photo and am going to share these as I can.

 I love taking pictures of my kids sleeping. Sometimes it's super sweet, other times just plain hilarious. I always go in to kiss Penny one more time before going to bed and this is how I found her.
 The following morning, her sister was found sleeping like this.
 My baby is scooting along furniture now!
We pass the world renowned Skagit Tulip Fields on the way to my in-laws. The daffodils are early this year!

 According to Penny, Olaf was cold. "He needed a warm hug!"
Training this girl that hats are important! We took a walk outside for the first time in months where I wasn't chilled.

This morning called for a huge cup of coffee. And I mean effing huge. Poor Ruby is teething, zero teeth at 11 1/2 months, but she's slept for 10-15 min at a time for the last 2 nights. Times like these I am thankful for bedsharing, because at least I'm not up and walking to a nursery. I'm also much more thankful for the blessed hot cup that awaits me the following morning. We will push through, the teeth will come and my baby won't be uncomfortable any longer. Here's hoping for a new night.

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