Wednesday, March 11, 2015

That Time You Needed a Pause Button

One morning I cooked a spectacular breakfast. I mean spectacular. Diced ham, farm fresh eggs from our chickens, perfectly toasted toast (if I do say so myself) and homemade jam. It was all laid out on a totally clean, no smears table and presented to the toddler using her favorite Frozen plate with coordinating princess silverware. It was almost pinterest worthy. But she accidentally bumped the plate, flipping it onto the floor. Squirt, the dog, scarfs it down. Meanwhile Ruby is not happy in her high chair so my normally quiet cup of coffee + blog catch up time is now moot.

Later that day we were getting ready to go to the grocery store. This involves getting everyone dressed in a new outfit because our "at home clothes" are always smeared with food, boogers, bits of playdoh or glitter. I typically dress myself last because you know that in the wages of war against stains and spit up, mom always gets something on herself; especially in the couple moments after she changes. So I get the toddler dressed. Move on to little sister. Meanwhile, the toddler has decided that this particular skirt just does not suit her fancy today. She unloads a dresser drawer looking for the perfect one. Meanwhile, little sis is quite happily crawling around nekkid because I had to stop mid-diaper change to help big sis. The toddler is satisfied with her completely new outfit choice, I go back to little sis and find her unloading a different drawer. Quite happily still nekkid. The dog has taken residence on the bed, which he knows he is not allowed to do.

Imagine me standing there with a "seriously? come on!" look on my face. That moment I wish that I could just reach for that imaginary pause button and pray for a couple seconds of peace where I can collect myself. Sure, in the grand scheme of things an unloaded dresser, food on the floor and a nekkid baby crawling around is not a big deal. In hind sight, it's hilarious. But in the's really not funny or cute or adorable and I rarely want to stop and relish in the moment because it will pass all too soon. These moments happen daily and typically in the least convenient of times.

Moms, this has been the epitome of my last year. Ruby is now a year old and Penny is three. This year has alternated between the pure joy of having two perfect children versus waiting for the storm to pass where they can play well together and I am out of this sleep deprived, energy lost haze.

In those moments where I really think I'm going to blow my top and certainly very unfairly unleash my frustrations, I think I've found the real life "pause button." It's called a RESCUE Pastille. I've been using RESCUE products for several years, starting with RESCUE Remedy when I knew something stressful would be coming up (like a big meeting with my bosses when I worked). It would chill me out, but not drug me, and once I set aside those nervous butterflies I regained my normal confidence and I would move on as normal. Nowadays I don't always have the time to grab a glass of water to sip on as I calmly meditate the next events, so I keep the pastilles on hand (in the center console of my car, in my diaper bag, stashed away in my jacket pockets...) so that whenever that crazy unorganized moment does happen, I can at least try to wash away those nerves and still move forward with whatever I was doing.

RESCUE products are homeopathic remedies which help you stress less and calm down. You can find them anywhere you find natural products, including CVS, Walgreens, Whole Foods, or Sprouts. So grab this BOGO coupon and tell me about "that time when ...". You know that you've got some good ones to share!

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