Wednesday, April 18, 2012

6 weeks

My little miss has had some pretty awesome advancements this week!
It feels like we're finally in a routine.  We start with breakfast as soon as she wakes up, followed by her first diaper change. This usually launches us into about 15 minutes of smiling, "happy breaths" and interaction.  This of course burns quite a few calories so she gets topped off and she'll fall asleep very quickly or will still be alert and interactive. I'll take her with me into the bathroom and lay her down next to the shower. Up until recently the steam and water noise has been soothing to her and she'll fall asleep quickly, but the past few days she's been chatty and will sing to me while I shower.  Then we come upstairs to "visit" with babcia for a few hours. She'll either nap or be happy in a bouncer for a while - nonetheless between 12-2 she likes to take a lunch and will nap afterwards until about dinner time. No matter what time the family dinner is, Penelope likes to be fashionably late, which is ok because she's happy to be passed around for some attention from her daddy, babcia or grandpa.

Smiling, more consistent cooing, wide eyes and raised eyebrows are new expressions this week.  She's always had very strong neck and back muscles, so it came to no surprise that she loves tummy time and just last night she did a few intentional front-to-back rolls.

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  1. Awesome on the rolling! She's on the move!



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