Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Once upon a boobie v2

The next part of my story is the begining of our "bare boob" relationship. It took a little bit of getting used to, on both our parts, but with perseverance she began to get the idea that without the shield being this huge, obvious appendage that just works it's way into her mouth. Her latch was strong, but needed some work, as it was still too shallow from being accustomed to the shield. It was painful for a while.

She had a better time latching onto one side versus the other, so I soon began referring to each side as "good boob," "bad boob." Once in a while they'd switch as to which one was hurting that day,  but considently it's been the same.

Blood blisters, blebs and scabbing were not uncommon. I would occasionally pump just to relieve the pressure, but wasn't saving any. SO stupid - I know. At 6 weeks I still have not introduced the bottle so I didn't see a reason to save. This week I started saving what I pump, to build up a supply in case we should need it, and I'd like to have Adam get the opportunity to feed her as well.

Once I got over the initial pain of breast feeding, the 'getting used to it' and stretching ligaments, I was still experiencing a sharp shooting pain following each session. My midwife and I suspect it may be light vasospasms...which are no fun, and leave me hugging myself very hard for about 30 minutes following each session.  After reading a couple other bloggers' experiences with vasospasms, I am thankful that mine are not that bad because for other women it is debilitating enough to discontinue breastfeeding, even pumping some times.

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