Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My pluses through Pregnancy

I've been revisiting my pregancy with a new mama to be lately.. and was reminded of some of the things that were near and dear to me during that time!
Our babymoon
Up until about 17 weeks, I think I only ate McD's chicken nuggets and scrambled eggs. I just didn't have an appetite for anything else. But by the time our babymoon rolled around, I was back to my regular self.. and more! Appetite and energy surged back very quickly. Adam affectionately began calling me "Two Dessert T-ton" on that trip. We went on a cruise from Barcelona, Spain along the western Italian coast (as far south as Naples) and having access to food 24/7 was AWESOME.
Saving my back
Even during my first trimester I began to feel aches and pains in my back and hips. One of my friends recommended chiropractic care to me and I can say without a doubt this was my saving grace for my comfort during pregnancy! You want to be sure that your chiropractor specializes in pregnant women (including Webster Technique) and preferably has a table that drops down in the belly portion - rather than propping you up higher with pillows. As a lifetime was heaven to get to lay on my belly. This was one of the few times in my life where I didn't mind a longer wait for the provider to come in ;) I fell asleep many a afternoon on that table before he came in, and of course he didn't mind!

I had intended on Penelope getting adjusted a few days after her birth, but decided to hold out for a little bit. I would have been more inclined to have her adjusted sooner if the labor was more difficult or had complications, but because it went to smoothly I think we can wait until her 2nd month to go have her first visit. Chiropractic care has so many benefits, for adults and children - I'd like to blog more about that when we get back into the swing of things.

O is for Organic
During pregnancy we began to switch to as many organic alternatives as possible. The biggest difference I have noticed in switching is for milk and strawberries. Adam and I used to go through a gallon of milk ever week and a half or so - once we switched to organic... a gallon of milk rarely lasts a week with us. It just tastes SO much better!  Strawberries also taste sweeter, and because they tend to have higher doses of pesticides, it makes this mama feel good to switch to the organic option.
Going organic is not always more expensive. I've been pleasantly surprised when sometimes it's the less expensive option - particularly in produce. For example, organic brocolli was about 20 cents cheaper per pound than the 'regular' type. It all depends on what is available. 

Dairy, eggs, and fruits / veggies where you eat the skin are the main switches for organic that we've done for the time being.  When we will start to introduce Penelope to solids, I'd like to have as much be organic as possible.

Nesting manifests itself very interestingly!
Because we were moving and planning to co-sleep, I didn't really have a nursery to spend my nesting energy in. It didn't really bother me until right around 33 weeks - I got this bee in my bonnet about needing to make something. Mind you, I am not a crafty person. I like to bake. That's pretty much the only thing I liked to create prior to the nesting phase.
I started out by learning how to make felt rosettes (thanks Pinterest!) and made a few wreaths as gifts. Sadly, I didn't take any pictures of them :(
I also made my own maternity sash for my maternity photos- which I reused for Penelope's birth announcement photos too!
34 weeks - TC Photography
9 days

My final project was embellishing burp cloths and making receiving blankets. The last time I had used a sewing machine was 8th grade Home Ec.  I had found a sewing machine from the 70's in my garage (left by the previous home owner! Score!) and attempted to figure it out through youtube videos, but no luck. When I began my "maternity leave" and moved up north, my mom showed me how to use one again and I went bonkers and spent the better part of 2 weeks sewing away.
Doggie burp cloth

Squirty felt like he needed to lay on any fabric on the floor

Penelope on her birth day in her giraffe "luly"
(what my little brother called his receiving blankets as a baby)

Actually, I quite like sewing now! Since her birth I've been dreaming up ideas of new things I can sew for her - like quilts, fun things with her clothes that are too small, etc.  Night time nursings are a wonderful time to cruise Pinterest for new ideas..because Lord knows I don't really have time for that during the day!

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