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Fresh off the clothes line: Buttons Diapers and a giveaway!

I've been doing my very best to patiently wait for my opportunity to try Buttons Diapers. I met the owner, Amy, and her adorable daughter at my nephew's birthday party and a few months later a little birdie told me that Amy would be starting her own cloth diaper line. To which I squealed in delight - I love that cloth is becoming more popular and that I actually kinda-sorta know the family behind the label.

Buttons Diapers is a family company based in the Pacifc Northwest. The company was born because Amy wanted to make cloth diapers that were well-made, affordable for everyone, and simple to use. (Using cloth should be easy, right? Why clutter your busy-mama life with more work?!)

I am a stay-at-home mom of one 18-month-old, and one due in July 2013. :) I love cloth diapering. Also, I am an old-fashioned-girl at heart, and find joy in doing things the old-fashioned way (with new technology, of course!). After using a few different types of cloth diapers on our daughter, my husband and I decided that we preferred the "hybrid" system. This two-part system consists of: a waterproof cover (which can be used multiple times before washing... thus, saving money and energy) and an absorbent insert. We LOVE having inserts that snap in, so they don't move around inside the diaper. 

We hope you will love Buttons Diapers as much as we do, and would LOVE to hear from you!

~Amy   (

This system is a diaper cover with a snap in insert. The majority of my stash is pocket diapers, but I also rock the diaper cover with Flip inserts every now and then to give my pockets a rest. I was excited to try these out as I've never used a snap in insert.

At first sight, there already were a few features about this diaper cover that made me give them a thumbs up.
  • I love that the cover is 2 layers of PUL. The other covers that I've used (Flip, Blueberry and Thirsties) are all one layer and I just like the thicker feel.
  • The covers are one size, so you can adjust the rise as your baby grows. This eliminates buying multiple covers as your baby grows - just buy your stash once and you're done!
  • These covers feature a double gusset at the legs and also extra elastic at the belly button and backside. What a customized ft! I've had trouble in the past with Penny not fitting diaper covers very well and leading to leaks.
  • The inserts are by far the thickest, softest pads I have seen for cloth diapers. I also really liked the contour stitch, which reminded me of maxi pads, LOL! They come in small and large, as well as day time and night time thickness. The inserts are unique in the way that you can stack them for more absorption. The night time insert has snaps on both sides so that you can stack a daytime insert for super soaker babies.

    The double gussets became worth their weight in gold when I tried Buttons at night time. To be completely honest I was expecting a pee leak because Penny is a side sleeper and it's hard to find any diaper that doesn't leak from time to time. Because we still bed-share, waking up on a wet sheet thanks to my sweet pea (haha I made a funny) is not one of my favorite things to do. When I woke up the following morning and found that the sheets were dry I knew this was a good diaper cover. Then a few minutes later as Penny started doing her morning routine of poop-yoga (yes, I did just say that, don't act like you haven't seen your child do it either!) I stood back, waiting to see if the cover was going to pass the poop test. And without going into too much detail - yes it did!

    My only worry with trying these diapers was that I was worried about being "tied down" with the snaps feature on the covers. It's important to me that my stash is versatile and I can mix and match covers and inserts depending on what we might have planned that day or what is in the laundry at the time. It would be such a shame if I could only use this awesome cover and pads only with each other. So I gave it a shot by using a Flip insert with the Buttons cover (and visa versa) and found that they work well together! Looks like my system has full compatibility!

    Are you ready for the best part? Amy has offered a cover and two inserts for one lucky winner! If you've been waiting to try cloth diapers, now is the time!

    You can buy Buttons Diapers on Amazon

    This giveaway is over - thanks to all for entering! 
    Keep an eye out for more Pierogie Mama Giveaways.

    Disclaimer: Buttons Diapers provided sample products for me to review, 
    however, all opinions expressed are my own. This post may contain affiliate links. If you have any questions or would like to have your product featured, please email me at 

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