Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My sweets: 10 months

Dear Penny,

While I was pregnant, I had a serious problem with the sweets. No joke. I used to say that you were taking all the sweetness out of me, so I needed to make up for it. You are definitely my little sugar bug, and although I don't regret sharing my sweets with you, I have to pay a high price for it at the dentist.. 

Your mama tries to be brave, but the dentist is definitely her least favorite place to be. And she's going to have to visit him A LOT in the next few months.

But back to you -

This month you've...
  • started standing on your own! I thought you might be walking too, but these were just you attempting to gain balance.
  • learned how to clap. At first you just fist bumped yourself, and then moved to having one hand open and the other in a fist, now it's full on baby claps :) You mostly clap when you want something.
  • New foods: roasted butternut squash, pasta with a little bit of sauce, scrambled eggs (a hit!), roasted cauliflower, ham and cuties. Pears and chicken remain as top favorite. We've also pulled out our juicer and have experimented with different flavors, such apple/carrot, and apple/pear.
  • We thought you might have a dairy allergy, after giving you some dehydrated yogurt drops you broke out in hives. It wasn't the first time you had yogurt before, so it was a little strange. After a few days we tried plain yogurt without any problems, so it must have been a fluke!
  • expanded your babbling vocabulary. No new words, but we are still working on "up," identifying 'dada,' where our nose is, and 'woof' when we see the doggies. 
  • kept mama and daddy guessing as to when more teeth will come.. but right now we're still at DEUX DENTS.
  • weighed in at 18 lbs 6 oz, 28.5 inches.
  • developed this amazingly high pitched little girl scream. It can be deafening!

In less than 2 months, you will be a YEAR old! We've got to get that birthday party planned!

Love always,
Mama and Daddy

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  1. Penny definitely needs to visit her dentist regularly. Well, twice a year, at least. That is to ensure that she will grow up with a set of beautiful and healthy teeth. She looks so lovely on the first photo. You must've been very enthralled when she smiled and showed off her two bottom front teeth. How many teeth does she have right now?

    Jairo Chavez @ Spring Branch Dental



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