Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Babywearing Workout

I *loved* pregnancy. I loved everything about it, after the first 12 weeks, of course. I loved the beauty of growing another person, I loved the confidence, and most of all.. Lord help me, I loved the food.

I didn't gain a ton of weight. I still felt like a whale at the end, thinking "When am I going to start attracting planetary bodies and keeping my own set of moons??"

Then at about 4 months post partum the weight to literally come sloughing off. It all started when I found that I could comfortably fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes, and a short while later it looked like they were just barely hanging on for dear life. I was excited I was getting awfully close to my high school swimming figure.

However, toned was far from where I was at. Sure, lifting and carrying an increasingly growing baby conditioned my arms.  But going to a gym to get to where I wanted to be physically wasn't an option either. This SAHM needed to find a way to get fit(ish).

That's when I came across The Baby Wearing Workout. It made so much sense! Workout with Penny! It couldn't be more perfect!  So I quickly worked a session into my daily routine. It's so simple how you can incorporate those mama-moves into those normally very boring moments - like when you're holding your baby and waiting for the water to boil, watching TV, on walks, or afternoons where they are having a difficult time falling asleep.
I use an Ergo when working out with Penny. She quickly relaxes as we begin the work out and most of the time is knocked out from the constant motion and close time with me. The only things you need is your baby and a soft carrier (such as an Ergo, Mei Tie or wrap).  I can definitely recommend this work out to other new mamas! This month, Kelli is also hosting a weight loss challenge with her workout.

There's a ton of prizes that will be awarded weekly (winners are based on random, not by weight loss), which include prizes from Smiling Tree Toys, Barlean's, Onya Baby Carriers and so much more. So if you already have a baby carrier (make sure it isn't a "crotch dangler"), check out her workout video - which is affordably priced, especially for the download option, and sign up for the weight loss challenge!

Disclaimer: I was provided the download to workout in order to accurately review.


  1. Just bought some discount fabric and look forward to trying to homemade no sew wrap!

  2. I've never heard of a baby wearing workout and I'm on pregnant with baby #4. I'll have to try that this time! ;)

  3. I've never heard of this! I'll have to keep this in mind for after baby 3 comes in August!



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