Friday, August 23, 2013

Monthly Its: Aug

This month I want to introduce to you StarGazer soaps - some beautifully awesome delicious smelling soaps that I will be writing about (and giving away!!) in the coming weeks. Check out her youtube page for some fun videos on how she makes her beautiful soaps. Each one is unique - you won't find soaps like these anywhere else!

My name is Nicole, and I am a soap maker! 
I began making soap to try to save my family some money.  As a busy stay at home mom of 5, every penny counts!  While doing my research, I learned all about commercial soap, and what they put in it.  This reaffirmed my decision to make my own soap.  I didn't want my children bathing in chemicals.  I didn't count on how much I would fall in love with soaping.  When I make soap, it is always a surprise.  Each bar is unique, and one of a kind.  Since I began soaping, I have never looked back.  I couldn't imagine spending money on commercial soap again.
From my family to yours, 
we hope you love our soap as much as we do!

Nicole Farrell, Owner & Creator

Ok some of my favorite posts from the last few weeks:

You read about my experience with bed sharing (and how we're transitioning to more independent sleep with night weaning), here is a story from another mama who's family of 4 cosleeps.

Tantrums are no fun. Penny has started to simply drop to the floor in defiance, but there are times where her frustration comes out in angry, swinging hits. These 6 tips for gentle responses to these big feelings are a great way to help calm our little ones.

Did you have a special evening every week that was reserved for family dinners? The older I get, the more I really appreciate them for what they are. As Penny grows, I hope that we can arrange for extended family dinners once a month, so that she and her cousins can reconnect on a less formal basis that holiday dinners.

Oh em gee - Pizza braids! Check out my homemade pizza pinterest board for some pinspiration :)

Finally, who can resist an easy Pioneer Woman recipe? Cinnamon crisps are an anytime snack in my book, but how about dessert for the next taco night?


  1. I love handmade soaps. It feels much nicer supporting a mom rather than a huge corporation!

  2. Sounds delicious and yummy. Homemade soaps are the best! I love the scents.



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