Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Yummi Yummi Yummi in Penny's Tummy! Yummi Pouch Review and Giveaway

What is always in my bag when I leave the house with my toddler?

It's not diapers. It's not a change of clothes.
It's food.
Can I get an 'amen' ?!

Penny's favorite snack lately has been yogurt or applesauce. But she's not to the point of self feeding... how can I put this...cleanly? ;)

Whether at home or on the go we use our Yummi Pouches for filling with gooey goodness like applesauce, different flavors of yogurt, finely milled oatmeal and even mashed potatoes (extra smooth and with extra cream to help make it more squishable). There's tons of other fillings you can try - any pureed fruit or veggie would work perfectly! I sometimes peruse the baby food aisle at the grocery store to get ideas of what to make at home ;) Check out my Pouch Food Pinterest Board for other ideas too!

My favorite part about Yummi Pouches is the rectangular shape. They are easy to clean (the main reason why I ditched other brands) and are easy for Penny to hold.
They also feature:
  • an expandable bottom so that you can stand them up
  • a wide ziplock opening at the top
  • a 6 oz capacity
  • BPA and Phthalate free
  • dishwasher and freezer safe

Are you ready to win some Yummi goodness? Yummi Pouch has generously agreed to offer 2 prizes! 
The first prize will be their Little Munchkin Set (shown above)
  • Set of 6 Yummi Pouch reusable food pouches
  • 16oz filling funnel pitcher
  • 10 dishwasher safe name label stickers
  • 2 decorative dishwasher safe sticker sheets
  • 6 mixed color extra pouch caps
And a second prize of 6 pack of Yummi Pouches.

This giveaway is over - thanks to all for entering! 
Keep an eye out for more Pierogie Mama Giveaways.

Disclosure: Thank you, Yummi Pouch, for providing The Pierogie Mama with free product to review. 
I received no other compensation and all words and opinions are my own. Participating bloggers Ramblings of Mama and Found Frolicking are not responsible for prize fulfillment. 

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  1. I would fill then with homemade applesauce. or maybe yogurt for my messy toddler.

  2. I would fill them with fruit purees and applesauce and yogurts

  3. veggie and fruit blends to make sure my toddler is getting her veggies!!

  4. I love theese for my 22 month old and my 51/2 month just started trying them with the toppers, would love some more for stash cause ive been putting them in babyshower gifts.

  5. Not sure yet since my little man isn't quite to eating yet, so I don't know what he will like =)

  6. Super Excited to give them a try!

  7. Applesauce, yogurt, or cereal mixture. Love these!

  8. I would fill them with applesauce and homemade yogurt.

  9. Sweet potatoes or apples!

    bonnechanceb at gmail dot com

  10. I'd sneak some Chia seeds in a smoothie type of concoction!

  11. Right now, Apple sauce, yogurt & veggie mixtures for my toddler. In about 4 months, we'll be making baby food again! (I can't wait. :-D)

  12. i would fill them with a variety of fruit and veggie blends :)

  13. I would fill them with homemade yogurt!

  14. applesauce

  15. My 2-year-old LOVES pouches - especially now that my 10-month-old is enjoying them too!!

  16. I would fill them with ANYTHING I could get my 2-year-old to eat. Probably yogurt and/or veggies!

  17. These would be super nice to put homemade baby food in for my little girl.

  18. mashed potatoes!!

  19. Mango, banana and blueberries. They freeze well and are perfect for making smoothies. Just add a little milk and honey and blend.

  20. Well, since someone isn't into eating finger food yet, we'd still be using them for our daughter's purees. :) We have some, but I want more. I love Yummi Pouch!

  21. I would fill it with Apple sauce and bleanded oranges! :)

  22. I would fill it with applesauce probably!

  23. yougurt and stuff my son can eat, he can't eat anything with apples, so I'd probably make him his own special fruit sauce

  24. Apple sauce and perhaps a veggie/fruit smoothie.
    Michelle Tucker



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