Monday, August 19, 2013

The Best Anniversary Gift: Our Pierogie #2

On July 4th, Adam and I celebrated 4 years of marriage. I joked with him that morning that it should be our "golden" anniversary (after all, I celebrate "golden" birthdays - and this year happens to be my year!).  We were down visiting my parents for the long weekend and got them to babysit while we went out for a late lunch.

While lunching (and honestly, eating at my own pace..), I began to discuss with him about how I've felt "off" the last couple weeks, that my body just seems different and that I'm a little more tired than usual. I chalked it up to simply another readjustment in parenting life as well as settling further into my mama body. What was lingering in my mind was that my period was a little over a week late. But I had ignored it for the last 7 days, as my cycle had only recently returned (after a wonderful 25 month hiatus due to pregnancy with Penny and postpartum!) and the length of the cycles were still off.  Nonetheless, this little nagging feeling kept creeping up in my mind and we decided to stop at the store to pick up some random things we were needing, and a pregnancy test.

Of course I couldn't just wait to take it at home! So pretty much right after checkout I made a beeline to the bathroom and did my business. Less than 30 seconds later, I saw that I am going to be a new mommy again!

A biiig squeal of delight escaped my lips, and a shit eating grin painted on my face as I gathered everything and washed my hands. Another mom saw me, with the box balanced on the sink, and gave me an all knowing smile and reassuring nod.

We are so excited to embark on this new journey as second time parents and renovators. It's all coming together very quickly and so far without a hitch - and we are hoping this continues (though aren't kidding ourselves!).

Pierogie #2's due date is March 4th. Penelope was born on March 3. We'll see if Penelope will be sharing a birth day. Here's a recap of why I call my pre-born babies "Pierogie."

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