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What to do when your kids are bored - Guest post by Charis by Design

Guess what I'm doing today? You got it. Tearing apart my house. Today I'd like to welcome Dannellys from Charis by Design. She shares great activities to do with your kids that can be done inside or outside when they are needing some new direction. 

What to do when your kids are bored? 
Summer is coming to an end and so are all the fun activities of playing in the pool, park, and eating BBQ.  It was raining all day yesterday and my little ones were just dying to go outside and play.  What could I possibly do to keep the kids entertained? I literally sat down and started thinking of games that I used to play when I was a kid; so why not have them do the same?  If you are looking for ideas on what to do, then here is a few things that I have done in the past with my kids that they have enjoyed.
1. Finger painting is always my favorite.  It’s a time when you see their little imagination come to life.  My little ones can stay there for hours if you let them.  Don’t worry about the mess until after they are finished.  Otherwise, they will not enjoy themselves if you are always concerned about them spilling paint on the floor.  Just make sure to place newspapers everywhere and use washable paint; and you will see how much fun they have playing.
2. Building their own little home.  For his birthday, he got a cardboard house where he can actually draw on the house itself and they both loved it.  He loved to write on it but she loved playing house.  We brought snacks, drinks, and flashlights.  They were so excited about having their own little home.
3.  Drawing with chalks on the sidewalk.  They had so much fun writing on the sidewalk and just drawing whatever they wanted.  It was fun to see them get excited over alphabets and numbers. 
4.  Making music together.  My kids absolutely love music so when I was able to get a hold of a guitar and maracas it was like celebrating Christmas in the Summer.  They were singing and dancing and just being silly.  It was great to see them create their own music and to see them make up songs. 
5.  Collecting leaves or flowers is always fun when we go on little walks.  They are always fascinated with leaves, rocks, and flowers; so why not let them pick them up and make a project out of it.  You can just take whatever leaves or flowers were collected and glue them to a piece of paper.  That could be their artwork for the day.
6.  Spotlight your kids and see how well they perform.  My kids love to put on a show for mommy and daddy.  My son is all about putting on a magic show or playing an instrument.  And my daughter is about dancing and singing so let them perform for you and see how well they do under the spotlight.
7.  Cooking together makes magic.  Whenever I feel like baking, I always involve my kids.  They love to help mommy cook.  It’s just so much fun to put the ingredients together and seeing how it tastes after it is finished.
8.  Playing with boxes can really come in handy.  These boxes can be used to push them around or just pretend that they are climbing into a rocket ship. 
9.  Write your own book.  This can be so exciting because they always have lots of stories to tell. To be able to write it down and have their own book, makes them feel special. 
10.  Reading a book together.  At the end of the day, I always like to finish with reading a story.  It’s the best part of my day when I get to sit down with them and talk about the whole day and share a great story.  That’s the best way to end a day in my book, lol!
Kids that are under five have so much imagination and so much to say.  This is the best time to enjoy them and cuddle with them when you can.  I like to do simple things with them because they really do enjoy the simple things in life.  Parenting can be complicated but if you really take the time to listen to your kids then it can get a little easier.  Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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