Friday, October 4, 2013

Moms Who Inspire Me: Bernadet

Welcome to the grand finale of my 3 part series on Moms Who Inspire Me.  If you missed out, here's Gretchen and Ashley.

Bernadet is definitely an inspirational mama to me... because she is my very own! She immigrated from Poland to Canada barely knowing the language in her early 20's. One of the easiest way to describe my mom is by her hospitality. Meals were always created with love and are plentiful. Her home is always open to those who enter and she goes out of her way to make sure everyone is comfortable before she rests. She's been the mama I can snuggle to, even though I've become a mama myself, and makes it a point to keep up with her kids' lives even though we've all grown up and left the nest. Leaving her family behind, she took on the matriarchal role early on and has instilled the great importance of family throughout my life. Even though we're a loud, boisterous and often very blunt family, we can always put our differences aside and have a meal together. That's what family means to me. I love you, Mom!

At what age did you become a mama? 
How was that in relation to when you thought you'd become a mama?
I always wanted to be a mom before age 25 and it happened a little bit before 25

Growing up, what was the part about becoming a parent the most exciting for you? 
Has it changed? 
I think the most exciting thing for me becoming a parent is to have somebody who is part of me and to be able to teach them what I  know about life.

What has surprised you the most about being a mother?
The most surprising thing for me about being a mom was and still is how much I love them, how I can divide my love between one and the other,  and that you can raise children the same way but they have their own minds and they going to react totally differently.

Who was your biggest help? How did they help you?
The biggest help I had was my mom whom I called almost everyday for advice the first year and my grandmother when she came and stay with us for almost a year when you were little.

What has been the biggest challenge of motherhood (easy question, right?) 
and how have you tried to overcome it?
I think the biggest challenge for me is to understand that I can only help and teach them to a point and then they have to experience life. Even though I still want to be the helicopter mom!  I try to overcome that by really listening advising, observing, showing and understanding that they will do what they want to do.

Name your top soothing tip
The best soothing thinkgfor you was to walk with you and rub your back and for your brother Paul was to hold him and rub his forehead over his nose.

What is your kids' favorite meal that you cook?
When you guys were little your favorite thing to eat was noodles with strawberry or blueberry with whipped cream, or Polish kopytka with goulash.

Did you become your mother, take a completely new road or find a clever mix in between?
I don't think so. There are things that I did the same way, but for most of it I did it my way.

Did you have a parenting style that was different from the rest of your family (such as sleep solutions, babywearing, potty training timing) and how did you respond to family who approached you about it?
I don't know much about my parents parenting style when we were little.  One thing I definitely learned that I didn't like when I was a child was to correct  your children in front of other people. And to tell you the truth my parents didn't really have much input in my parenting style because I was way too far from them.

And there you have it.. The original Pierogie Mama (now known as The Pierogie Babcia) 
with my chubby self at about a year old. 

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