Monday, October 28, 2013

Get baby's groove on with Funky Fluff!

This post was originally published as a part of the Ditch the Disposables Giveaway Hop.


By and far the one reusable product that has changed my family's life has been cloth diapers. In my roughly 18 months of cloth diapering I've had the chance to try all types and brands of fluff - prefolds and fitteds with covers, a few newborns, one size, pockets, AI2's, snaps/velcro, microfiber or 3 different types of natural fiber. I've gone camping with cloth diapers, we've moved 4 times and I've had to change our laundry routine each time as a result (but have stuck with the same brand of cloth diaper safe detergent, Country Save). I've shared my stash with friends, posted my experiences here and spent a lot of time talking about it offline. And I wouldn't call myself an expert by any means, but I'd say that I've done my research.

This past month, my friends, I've discovered a new type of diaper that I didn't know existed.

Enter, Funky Fluff.

Funky Fluff diapers are an "all in 3" system. Say what?? So most cloth families are familiar with the term "pocket," "all in one" or "all in two" - but an "all in 3" almost seemed like the holy grail. Friends, I may have struck gold.

The Funky Fluff diaper system offers you the flexibility of using it as a pocket diaper, an "A1O" or "A12". Or a combination of all 3 for a super stuffed fluff.

Here, let me show you.

Pretty ridiculous stuff, right?

So in addition to being a 'one size fits all' for your little one's way of wearing a diaper, Funky Fluff has a couple other tricks up their sleeve.

Double gussets. Now I've seen double gussets on covers before, but never have come across a pocket style diaper that has double gussets.
Stay Dry (suedecloth) material shown
Because each diaper fits a child differently, I wanted to show you how it fits Penny. This is a Stay Dry diaper stuffed with one insert (like a pocket) and another snapped on top (like an AI2). It's not bulky to the point where the gussets don't do their job. This diaper lasted her from about 7pm - 8:30a, including a poop. Pretty impressive!

They offer two materials for the internal lining - their Stay Dry diaper has suedecloth and the Fusion Bamboo has bamboo for the material that touches baby's skin. We got to try out both materials and I love the lining material and inserts for both styles. I was really impressed with the microfiber inserts, and after fully prepping the bamboo inserts they were still super soft and dense (but not thick and bulky). If a doubled up microfiber diaper can last my medium-wetter over 12 hours, I daresay that the bamboo inserts will last a heavy wetter just as long since bamboo holds more liquid than microfiber. Because both of those inserts hold so much liquid I reserve them only for our night time option.

One thing to note, the other OS diapers we use (BG and Sunbaby) are still snapped in the middle setting, whereas Penny fits these best in the largest setting. The weight range is the same between the different brands. It's not something I'm personally worried about but is worth mentioning.

To round out the review we also got a Funky Fluff Double Pocket Wet Bag, which has two waterproof pockets. Super handy! It also holds up to 10 diapers so it's perfect for a day out.

Enter below to win a start pack from Funky Fluff, which includes a Stay Dry diaper, Fusion Bamboo diaper, double pocket wet bag and inserts. Open to residents of US and Canada, 18+.

This giveaway has ended. Thank you to everyone who entered!
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  1. <3 that orange color! Your little girl is too cute ;)

  2. Love the orange! Do you have any extra Funky Fluff laying around that you would be willing to part with???? :)

  3. I just received my first two funky fluff diapers. I am prepping today and I am so excited to give them a go. When one is a few months postpartum and does not want to buy clothes, one fulfills shopping urges with diapers!

  4. I had a Funky Fluff for a little while (sold it because I didn't love the bamboo terry) but I didn't know I could leave it snapped together as an AIO! That's really cool!



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