Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Under Construction: the Island and Cabinet meeting

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Another short update - not much went on this week, and next week will also be pretty non-existent.. But stay tuned for later this week because I'll have a belly picture and an ultrasound to share!

Adam put up the sheet rock to one side of the island, and will close it up in time for our gender reveal party this Sunday.

We met with our cabinet rep and finalized our plans. 

He also showed us a sample of granite that I'm drawn to. Like several other things with this kitchen, I find that my tastes are a lot different than what we did last time. Our previous counter top was a gorgeous gray swirl. This is white and gray flakes with garnet intrusions. 

Adam has also been in the shop working on the pellet stove child safety gate, but isn't far enough along to share pictures.

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