Sunday, October 13, 2013

Gender Reveal Party

Today was our gender reveal party. We had our ultrasound on Wednesday last week and it was tough keeping it a secret from the family until today. I pretty much had to be on a 'text only' basis, otherwise something was going to slip.

Our menu:
Balsamic spinach pasta salad (my mother in law's delicious recipe)
Deviled eggs
Crackers with a topping of cream cheese, smoked salmon and my mom's homemade pear sauce
ruske / potato and cheese pierogies (but of course!)
prosciutto and melon appetizers
fruit, veggie, meat/cheese/cracker platters
Baked brie with walnuts and cranberry sauce

And the grand finale:
the gender was revealed by way of cakepops. I used's The Kitchn's cakepop recipe using devil's food cake, sweet cream cheese and chocolate almond bark to coat.

The family members were told that the flavor of the cakepops is chocolate and only one of the 20 pops will have the gender of the baby revealed by the color of the batter. Kind of a Charlie Bucket and the golden ticket kind of thing.

We are so excited for Penny to have a younger sister. I don't have a sister and I think their closeness in age will be wonderful.


  1. My older sister and I are 11 months apart...the closeness in age between your girls will be so great!

    1. I'm really hoping so! I don't have a sister (3 SIL's though), so I am excited for my girls to grow up together. I know it won't be perfect every day, but that's what family is about ;)

  2. OMG how cute! I haven't seen one like this before! We want to do a reveal party next go around. Congrats on the little girl :)

    1. Thank you, Brittany! And thanks for looking around this morning :) We are so beyond excited for 2 little girls. I never had a sister so I'm excited to watch this relationship develop.



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