Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Catch the moment: Week 11

Nurse Loves Farmer

A visit from the grandparents can't be complete without a trip to the zoo. Penny absolutely loved the Kimodo Dragon exhibit. It was like seeing a modern day dinosaur for her. She talked about it for the next few days.
The bonus of your kids having birthdays a week apart is that you can schedule their well child visits together! Woo hoo! Penny was very good at showing her little sister how to be brave for the doctor.
I've been compiling Target coupons for a few months and somehow managed to use them all at the same time for a portrait session.. So instead of the session costing $86, we paid $10. I call that a screaming deal!

Ooops, no pictures taken on day 73. The first time all year!
Continued expeditions outside. Ruby is getting more accustomed to being on the ground.

It's a good thing I have a sense of humor. Our craft store has a small tub of magic sand that kids can play with while mama shops. I left Penny there and went an aisle over to look at fabric. I can hear her playing and check in on her. Doing good. A minute passes by and over the intercom: "Can Penny's mom come to the front of the store?" Oh man. I find my very sheepish toddler by the register with magic sand in her hair. I felt like *such* a mom and that I had earned a new badge. But not the kind that you really want to display!

Another warm day! I relaxed in the backyard while Penny dug around in the grass and dirt. Reminiscing on last summer where we had picnic dinners out in the grass in the shade of our maple tree, the delicious scent of peaches wafting over from our tree and the curious clucks of the chickens.

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