Friday, September 5, 2014

A Penny for your thoughts (vol 1)

Adam tells Penny outside our door as I am nursing Ruby down before family movie time: "please be quiet, its quiet time because Mama is helping Ruby go nigh-night." Penny walks in and announces in her loudest bossy voice "mama -  it's quiet time!"

"Oh nooo! The scary beast!" When I walked over to her to get her attention when asking her to do something.

Mama: Do you have to go potty?

Penny: I just wanna be happy for now.

Penny to the chickens: Please don't peck my butt!

I'm the mama because I'm wearing a bra today.

Hi, My name is Penny Penelope. (but she pronounces it as "Pe-woh-pee")

I want a ponytail on top of my head. Like a mountain.

We visited the great white mountain (Mt Rainier). It's also called Olaf.

I'm on a blog!

I have to 'sowesuken' (show you something) crazy special!

I wasn't going to share this gem, it was just too embarrassing, but then what doesn't explain motherhood better than this?
I'm sitting at the dining room table; writing up a blog post. Penny comes up next to me and pulls up the side of my shirt to expose my side. She leans over and breathes in deeply, smelling my side. She gets a very contented look on her face and says "You smell like mama." Aww, my mama heart strings are plucked. I remember taking my mom's scrunchie with me to kindergarten once, because it smelled like her. I asked Penny, "What does mama smell like?" Penny says, without skipping a beat, "Poop."
For the record, I do not smell like poop.

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