Friday, September 5, 2014

Being Brave

This morning was the start of the MOPs year and I left the meeting feeling refreshed and thoughtful. It's not often that I take the time to write so candidly; so bear with me while I free-write for a minute and pour a little bit of my soul into a cup for you.

This year's theme is Be You, Bravely. We started off the morning talking about ways that we are brave, things that have pushed us to be brave, dreams that we don't dare to share. How somehow in the midst of life we are waiting it live, instead of living it.

Couldn't have picked a better theme for this season of life for me.

Last year we a tough year for me to participate in MOPs, even though I loved the ladies at my table and made several friends. Penny was just too anxious about me leaving her in the care of the MOPPETS. Until I was pregnant with Ruby, Penny had barely spent several hours away from me, but always with a close family member. How could I expect her to be comfortable in a situation where I'm not there and leaving her in the care of strangers? We tried throughout the year, but it just didn't work. I learned that I must listen to my daughter; I don't want to be the kind of parent (and never have been) who forces their child to do something when they're so clearly not ready for it. So we took the backseat and this year I wanted to try again.

I started preparing Penny for this yesterday. I reminded her about how we'd get to play with the kids at church, how her friend Emmalyn will be there, and that I'd like her to try to be brave. I dropped her off in the care room where other 2 year olds played, introduced her to a very loveable great-grandma and left. I prayed for Penny's bravery and courage. I want my daughter to have fun and I need this time to re-coup as a mother.

I met my new table of MOPs moms, several of which who I met last year and also new faces that I'm excited to get to know. We talked about how are we brave, what are our dreams. Mine, no surprise, was to get this house renovation done and to rest with my family. We've been experiencing so much pull in opposite directions in getting the renovations done vs spending time together. My husband getting help with the renovations vs me getting help with the kids. I am so ready for there to be a balance, for the renovation to be complete. That is my dream for this year, and my goal is to find the bravery to make this dream become a reality.

How can I learn from the lesson in bravery that I'm trying to teach Penny and apply this to succeeding in my dream? How can I be brave and serve my family in getting the projects done that we need to do while balancing actually living life? Will I have the courage to take on extra work, even though I'm dog tired at the end of the day, to get this project done?

Tell me - What are your dreams for this season, and how will you be brave to accomplish them?

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