Thursday, September 11, 2014

JBF Everett Fall 2014 Consignment Recap

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Each time I shop at the Just Between Friends of Everett consignment sale I am amazed at how quickly this event grows. I first shopped at Eunice's event in Spring 2013 and each time the rows and rows of clothes and toys just grows and explodes! I love shopping at JBF sales because I'm always able to snag such great deals, find items that are well taken care of and you'll get a mix of current and past fashions. Personally I like shopping past fashions because then my children aren't dressed exactly like every other little girl who's parents picked up their fall wardrobe from the local department store. 

So what did I snag at this sale? Well, this time around I got a preview of what awaits at the sale because I am consigning (for the first time!) and also volunteered 8 hours. I got to see what other consignors had brought when I went to drop off my items and because of my volunteer time I got to shop the pre-sale at 1:30 today! Like a secret agent, I walked through the aisles during consignor drop off and made little mental notes of what I wanted to snag the following day. The #1 thing on my list was this fun pop up circus tent and guess what..

Amazeballs, right? ;)

Let me delve further into my JBF winnings.

2 knit sweater bundle $4 // Cinderella dress up $5 // Princess dress up $2
// Pottery Barn piggy bank $4 // Christmas jammies #2
Oh, and you know how JBF is typically known for it being geared towards maternity, baby and kid? Well, while dropping off our consignment items, my husband did a little perusing too. He found a really cool car model (which, being the vehicle engineer he is, meant I got to endure learn about how this specific Porsche sets itself apart from all other Porsche 911s and how it's a really desirable car..yadada..) and it was $8. You know how sometimes at the store you buy a small toy for your child just to appease her? That just happened, grown up style. ;)

Anywhoo, the JBF Everett Fall Sale was tons of fun and there are many many wonderful items that I've left behind for you to snag up. You're welcome. I instagrammed a few items during the pre-sale, and I'll be back for the 1/2 off sale to pick up some extra good specials too!

Friday 9/12/14
9a-7p Public Sale Day 1, $2 Admission Fee or Get a Free Admit Pass

Saturday 9/13/14
9a-5p Public Sale Day 2, new items have arrived, FREE ADMISSION
530p-7p 1/2 Price EARLY BIRD SHOPPING $2 Open to public, Free Admit Passes not accepted Buy Tickets

Sunday 9/14/14
8a-1p 1/2 Price Public Sale, many items 50% OFF, FREE ADMISSION

Located at The Evergreen State Fairgrounds (14405 179th Ave SE, Monroe, WA 98272) 

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by JBF Everett. All opinions expressed are my own.

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