Monday, September 1, 2014

Doodle Pants Galore!

I love me some Doodle Pants! I've been using these as my go-to for when it comes to how to dress my cloth diapered girls, and now Doodle Pants keeps rolling out the new accessorizing t-shirts, sweat-shirts, body suits (onesies) dresses and even more leggings designs.. I'm pretty much in Doodle heaven over here.

Elephant Bodysuit
Can't you just eat up this delicious sweetness? I am so in love with my squishy baby!

I love dressing my girls in their Doodle Pants outfits because Lorain's designs are adorable, the quality of the printing is great, and I love how well the leggings withstand washing too. You don't get "runs" in the legs like you do in other brands.

Pink Monster T-Shirt
Pink Monster Dress
The Pink Monster line has been Penny's favorite, though we also do rock the pink fox leggings, rainbow leggings, and even have matching sister piggy leggings for big and little sis. With the holidays around the corner (uhm like 12 weekends to go until Thanksgiving!), I've gotten the chance to bring some holiday cheer a little early and got these cuties to try out!
Moose // Penguin
Penny calls her moose pants her "Sven pants," because...well, you know. Can't really escape Frozen from any aspect of our life these days. :)

Connect with Doodle Pants
Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I received product to try out in exchange for my honest review, though all opinions are my own. I love Doodle Pants!


  1. So cute that she calls them her Sven pants!!! I LOVE LOVE the penguin ones!!!! I really want to buy some for my son. This Christmas will be his first and I am sooooo excited for that! Even though they are leggings, I think with them being blue they would work for a boy too! :)

  2. Your girls are too precious! I can't wait until my baby boy becomes a big brother. Siblings are the best. I would totally get my kids matching leggings. :)



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