Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ruby: 6 months

Dearest Ruby...

How on earth has this time flown by? 6 months? Obviously you've been keeping me busy because I seem to have skipped your 5 month update as well.. so .. hrmm.. What's new?

Well as you can see, you're a sitter, a very good one at that. Your plump little bottom and chubby legs definitely help ground you and create a solid foundation. That happened in the early part of last month. Now that you're a big 6 month old, you've advanced to lunging forward and pushing yourself up onto all fours. Shock and awe. Do all second babies seem to be so ready to fly the nest?

You've also awed your daddy and I by insisting on getting real food. I thought had would have at least a month of dedicated booby time. So it all started with a slice of orange, which moved on to watermelon, cucumbers and avocado. Baby led weaning at it's finest.
Now you've also started start calling for mama when you're not happy with what's going on, like if your sister is giving you a squishy face or if you are done playing with your toys. In the last couple days there's been a definite "maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" sound.

And your stats.. on 7/14/14 you were 15 lbs 8 oz, 25.25" tall. August 4th you were about 17 lbs (can't find your card), and your next appointment for the 6 month mark is in a couple days so I will be sure to enter that into your baby book as soon as we get home. I promise. I know I need to be better about keeping that updated.

I love you, my rolly polly baby, but please take your time in growing up. I'm not ready for your first birthday, or first Christmas, for that matter.


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  1. Aww! She is so adorable! I love when babies have those chubby legs and cheeks! 6 months is such a fun age! Enjoy it while it last!



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