Friday, September 20, 2013

Bamboobies: Best for Breasts!

You don't have to be a Pierogie Mama reader for long to know that I'm passionate about breastfeeding. If you can and have the desire to do it, more power to you! I believe that breastfeeding is making a huge comeback in our generation and proper education and support are a big factor on this.

One of my all time favorite boobie products has been Bamboobies. When I first started breastfeeding, I battled a lot of really uncomfortable issues - ligaments that needed stretching, I thought I was getting vasospasms, the typical soreness/cracking/dryness that many mamas experience. In addition, there was the leaking. Some of my post-lactating mama friends passed on their almost empty boxes of breast pads for me to try out. Maybe these pads worked well for them, but those suckers stuck to me so bad and pulling them off was like ripping off a scab each time. Not exaggerating. Oh, and of course, the appearance of being a biscuit smuggler was always so attractive. I was thankfully introduced to Bamboobies very quickly and learned that breastpads can be luxurious and no one has to know you're wearing them. HALLELUAH!

But what is the third most important factor of a good breastpad? Leak proof. Doesn't matter if it's comfy or hidden. It just plain has to work. Ladies, Bamboobies work. I did a small test to see exactly how much water it would take to soak into a Bamboobies breastpad before it showed up on the other side.

3 1/2 tsp of liquid before these beauties leak! Amazing! I can tell you from personal experience that it takes way less than 3 1/2 tsp of liquid to soak through disposables. Also keep in mind once you get past the initial engorgement stage, your letdown should ease up as your body acclimates to how much milk to produce for your baby so leaks will become less of an issue.

And of course, being a cloth diapering mama, my favorite part is buying once and never having to buy again. No running to the store because you're out. Just pop these in the wash (I stuck mine in a small lingerie bag to make sure they didn't get sucked up) and they're as good as new. As I prepare for Pierogie #2, I'm stocking up on these beauties!

Bamboobies also offers thicker overnight pads, different bundles and gift packs, nursing wear and Boob-ease products to help soothe your girls in the early days.

Want to know one more thing about just how awesome Bamboobies is? Pierogie Mama readers get 20% off at checkout by using the discount code PIER20! WOOOOAHH! A pack of 2 sets of regular nursing pads is $16.99. You can also buy them on Amazon and Babies r Us.

And I lied. There is one more awesome thing.. Bamboobies is partnering with The Pierogie Mama for a $25 Bamboobies gift certificate giveaway starting on Oct 22. Mind = blown. Make sure we're friends on Facebook and on BlogLovin' so that you don't miss out!

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  1. These were the first reusable pads I used when I had my baby. Worked really well for me. I was surprised just how much liquid they held, especially during the nights. Totally recommend!! :)

  2. I really need to look into these! I was never impressed with other reusable breast pads, instead choosing an organic disposable one that was amazing. I see these advertised all the time but have not leaked in years. Maybe with the next kiddo :) Going on 4 years bfing this one!

  3. I only needed breast pads for the first 2 weeks or so with my first. I wonder if the cost difference would be worth while next time?

  4. Loved my bamboobies!! They were so comfy!! The disposables were so crunchy and weird!! Love that you did this awesome leak test!!

  5. These hold an impressive amount of liquid! I am 9mo pp and still leak a ton. I love cloth pads, they're so much more comfortable than disposable, not to mention I don't have the waste.



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