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How Not to Drive Yourself Crazy When Decorating a New Home - Guest post from Pink Heart String

Guess what I'm doing today? You got it. Tearing apart my house. Today I'd like to welcome Kareen from Pink Heart String. She shares some awesome tips on an area of the home that really intimidates me...decorating! 

How Not to Drive Yourself Crazy When Decorating a New Home

Moving to a new home is one event in our lives that is notable especially if it is your first time. It will surely create a lot of changes for you and your family. But before you get to know the new neighbors and before you look around your new place, it is important that you have transformed your new house into a new home.

Let us admit it. It is stressful to pack things and unpack them again. My family and I had been transferring from one house to another. So, we sort of got used to the packing-unpacking scenario but of course, it is indeed tiring. As a matter of fact, we will be transferring to a new home before this month ends. Moving to a new home is not just about living in a new dwelling but it is also an adjustment to the entire family’s daily routine and all. But as always, it would be challenging on how you can decorate a new home.

A new home would have a different layout, different window sizes from your previous home, different interior color scheme and all. The decoration and arrangement we had before might no longer look good in the new home. That is why, it is important that we check on some things first before finally bringing all the stuffs to the house. If it is your first time to transfer to a new home, then you might need a few pointers. So, to help you with that, we have prepared some tips so you can save yourself from the headaches of decorating a new home. You can even make it look a lot better than your previous home if you just try.

1.Clean your old and new house. Yes, you have to clean your old house first. This means getting rid of things that you no longer need. Lessen your possessions to minimal amount so you won’t need to bring a lot of stuff with you. You can have a garage sale or donate items to charity. Also, it is the perfect time to clean your new house before you bring in stuff.

2.Be organized when packing. Label your boxes. This will save you from a lot of work. Also, arrange them according to the part of the house they’ll be going to. For instance, you have boxes of plates and other kitchen utensils. Place them in a group so that when taken inside your new home, they will stay together and will all be placed in the kitchen. This way, you will no longer be looking for your things everywhere in the house.

3.Assess your new home. Look around your home. Then try to picture how your furniture and home d├ęcor would look once you arrange it inside. You can even sketch it on paper so that you can get a better picture. Try to look into every part of the house so you can also check on what other things you would need to buy. But you could save a lot if you have proper planning.

4.Plan well. Before you get all your things, furniture and all the other stuffs inside your house, make sure that you already know how to place them so that when they are taken inside, they can already be placed on areas designated for them. With proper planning, you will be saved from bringing things here and there. Make sure also to create a system on how to move things inside. You can start bringing in the furniture for the bedrooms and lastly for the living room. If you do this, you will still have a lot of space to move around in carrying things because your living room is still spacious. Also, see to it that larger ones get inside first before the smaller items.

5.Mix and match furniture. Once you are inside the house and everything is already there, do not worry much about furniture. You can actually mix and match old pieces together and get an eclectic look. This is way cheaper than getting a new set of furniture. You can also repaint some in order to give it a new look.

6.Create coherence with colors. Make your interior appear as one through colors. Again, you do not need to buy new items to do this. Look for a color from your furniture and then search for throw pillow covers and curtains that would match it. This will tie everything together. They do not need to be monochromatic! Even pops of the same colors for each item in your space will already work. Say you have a beige sofa, then you can get a throw pillow cover with some beige linings on it.

7.Liven up your wall. If you find a boring wall in your new home, create a gallery. Place family pictures on the wall. You can also paint it with stripes or chevron or any other pattern you like to create an accent wall. Adding a wallpaper or wall decal to one area of the room will also work and make your home look a lot lovelier!

8.Repair and revamp. Instead of buying new stuffs, you can always repair and revamp everything in the house. You just have to be practical, innovative and creative. For sure you will be able to save a lot of money if you do this. Make purchases only when necessary. You can stay for a month or two before you decide to get major stuff like a sofa or something so that you will still be able to assess your needs.

Moving to a new home is not easy. It really take time to prepare all the stuff from your old home and then arrange it again in your new home. But if you do it ahead of time little by little, you will eventually finish your preparations and be ready to go. When you arrive your new home, make sure that you have a ‘system’ in bringing things in. This will save your sanity because everything are in its proper order. After all, decorating a new home shouldn’t be a headache but it should be fun especially that you will do that with the entire family. It could be your first family bonding in your new home.

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Kareen Liez is a full-time mom to an adorable two year old daughter. She writes for a graphic design and home design website while blogging at the same time at Pink Heart String. She wanted to share stories about being a mom and other valuable information to other parents. She is a civil engineer by profession but prefers to stay at home to take care of her daughter.

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