Monday, September 2, 2013

Motherlove Preggie, Boobie and Bottom cream review

Motherlove Herbal Company has a customer for life in me!

Motherlove Herbal Company makes the commitment for all of their products being environmentally responsible and organic wherever possible - both of the creams I am reviewing today are 100% organic.

By loving mothers and providing safe, high quality products with superb ingredients, Motherlove Herbal Company helps support a healthy pregnancy, comfortable post partum recovery and successful breastfeeding relationship. For any stage of the new mama, you can find a product from Motherlove Herbal Company that can fit you. They carry breast milk supplements, creams and oils for your and baby's skin, and products for those sensitive mama areas too.

Today I'm going to share my experience with 3 of their products - their pregnant belly salve, nipple cream and diaper rash/thrush cream.

Motherlove Pregnant Belly Salve
I was so surprised when I didn't get any stretch marks during my pregnancy with Penny. I joked that I already had stretched out that skin when I put on my freshman ... something ... in college ;) But even though I don't have scarring, the changes a mama's skin goes through during pregnancy and postpartum still deserves extra care. We're talking about changes in collagen, elasticity and OMG the itching. I'm only 14 weeks along and I've already had some major itchy episodes. But I keep my jar of salve close by, and if I'm on the ball I automatically slather up after my shower, and it helps soothe my belly skin in no time.

Motherlove Nipple Cream
The early days of breastfeeding are not easy for many moms. I had a few struggles in the beginning that I'm thankful to have overcome. One thing that I hated to have to worry about was "is this safe for my little one?" I was given a few left over packages of different products from other mamas who were done nursing and found that quite a few 'mainstream' nipple products recommend wiping yourself off of whatever product you applied before nursing - how backwards is that? Especially in the very early days of breastfeeding, there was no way I was going to wipe my boobs - they were just too sore. The point of these products was to help me you more comfortable, and doing an extra wipe was not going to happen.

Luckily, one of those knowledgeable mamas also got me set up with a cute little blue jar of Motherlove Nipple cream. Oh, thank heaven! In comparison to lanolin (which I had used as well), it was so silky to apply. Best of all - you don't have to remove it prior to nursing. YES! All of the ingredients are safe for baby and organic. This cream healed the ugliest of breastfeeding hard knocks - cracks, scabs and soreness of all kinds.

Motherlove Diaper rash / thrush cream
To date this is still my favorite cream for Penny. Just like other Motherlove products, this is made with the safest ingredients and is also cloth diaper safe. Even though Penny is cloth diapered, sometimes the poor dear will still get a little red so after a nice warm bath I like to apple some of the cream and condition her skin. When using this cream she always clears up in less than a day. I definitely recommend it for your diaper table (and medicine drawer - it works great on owies of all kinds).

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Disclosure: Thank you Motherlove Herbal Company 

for providing me with products to facilitate this review. I've loved you from the beginning of Penny's life and am excited to continue the journey with Pierogie #2.  
All opinions expressed and words are my own.


  1. These look like some great products to try next time around.

  2. LOVE all natural products for relief and comfort after having a baby!! Ugh the soreness afterwards is awful!! I will have to try motherlove with #2!

  3. This is a great review - I've been curious about mother love products. I will pick up a jar of the nipple cream for the next baby.



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