Monday, September 23, 2013

Under Construction: Settling In

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The last couple weeks have been quiet in regards to renovation updates because we've just been knocking off little items in our to-do list that aren't really update worthy. However, since a few weeks have passed without any pictures, I'll go ahead and give you a tour of our somewhat organized chaos :)

Last weekend was dedicated to moving the duraburb project in, getting the vehicles over to our house and in the shop. Up until now the Suburban and the donor truck were living at my brother in law's house (we didn't have any space at our rental) and it wasn't until last weekend where we were able to get a car trailer large enough to move such large and heavy vehicles. Now that both cars are here, Adam is able to pop into the shop as he has time and chip away at the project. For those of you who are asking yourselves 'what the hay is a duraburb?' it's Adam's current automotive project in converting a gas guzzling Suburban into a diesel monster. It allows us to have the space that our growing family needs but not have to pay the premium of 7 mpg (instead we are expecting a more comfortable mid twenties). The name "duraburb" comes from the combination of a Duramax engine with a Suburban.

We've also organized the house to be livable during this 'resting' period of the renovation.  Our furniture is more or less set to where it's going to go, all of my kitchen appliances are functional (3 weeks without a dishwasher or kitchen sink were kind of brutal) and we've made all of our living areas child-safe. We're in the process of making a final decision on the island cabinets, so that means the island is still exposed, but fear not - the electrical may look scary but it's totally safe.

Penny's room has also made some progress. At this point I haven't gone out of my way to set it up exactly the way we'd like it, we've just made do with the things we have and as we have time we'll touch up the paint, add trim, get nicer curtains and make it into a 'real' bedroom for her. But she absolutely loves her big girl bed - and has been sleeping in it by herself since the second night after we moved in.

As the weather cools off the time has begun for us to take a look at the heating situation in the house. When the house was built, each of the rooms were meant to be headed by cadet heaters. They're kind of inefficient and energy-suckers. So at some point a pellet stove was installed in the main room - pretty much as the main source of heat for the entire house. Not really sure how that worked out for the previous owners, and we've never owned a pellet stove before so we aren't sure what to expect. It sat on a very unsafe, makeshift hearth that we tore up for the carpet installation so Adam is building a sturdier replacement. Next on the list obviously would be to build a safety gate around the stove so that little hands can't reach hot parts.

...And that's pretty much it. Not a whole lot to share, but it definitely is beginning to feel like home and we're settling into a routine.

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