Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Painting Motherhood: Katie m. Berggren captured my moment

It's early morning. Dawn is beginning to shine through our window and my body is becoming aware of the new day. Snuggled in our king sized bed is my family. My husband, Penny and recently, my baby in my belly. Squirty is softly snoring in a corner. We're warm and close. These are the moments I'll cherish as my babies grow and leave our room. Penny made this very transition this week, and it's been so bittersweet.

Those are the moments that Katie m. Berggren documents. Those quiet moments of parenthood where we reflect on ourselves, our kids and what we've become. Those beautiful alert eyes looking into our tired ones. Nursing your baby. The happiness we share as mother and father when we snuggle with our littles in the night. Nurturing a connection between siblings. Wearing your baby. Protecting them with all your might. Gosh, I get weepy just thinking about it, let alone look through her galleries!

Katie sent me an archival print of her painting In Kind. Ever since Penny was strong enough to hold up her hand, she has gently pulled and tugged on my bangs and any other hair that falls down around my face or neck while nursing. I realized this soon became a soothing technique for her, and it lets me know that she's winding down too. These days she's not always as gentle and my pregnancy hormones are making my scalp sensitive, my patience sometimes a little shorter and hair not as strong as it normally is. But I know that this very special painting was meant to be in my home so that I can be reminded of this special bond that Penny and I will share - perhaps only for the sweet duration of our nursing relationship.

Katie's interpretation is much sweeter than this specific moment that Penny and I were sharing,
but this is how I'd like to remember it :)
I can't wait to give you a tour of Penny's new room with In Kind featured on her wall.

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Disclosure: Thank you Katie for graciously sending me an archival print of In Kind. 
No other compensation was provided, all words expressed are my own.


  1. Wow I love that! So beautiful! What a precious moment captured! We just made it to a year of nursing and I am already a little sad knowing I'll miss some of these moments. For now though I cherish them, wiggles, scratches, hair pulling and all

  2. So pretty! I want one of me and my babies!

  3. What a beautiful painting! I love her style! She did a great job of taking a great photo and making it even more amazing and precious!

  4. That is just so beautiful and touching!! Fantastic image:)

  5. aww how beautiful is this and it so does touch on what the painting shows. I love it.

  6. I love the idea of using at in your home to capture special memories. Browsing through Katie's art, there are several pieces I would love in my home!

  7. Some of my favorite memories are of reading books to my little ones while they sit in my lap quietly and point to the their favorite pictures! Katie's art is very unique and expressive!

  8. I'm due with my first in a few months, so no memories yet, but I'm REALLY looking forward to having my first few months home with my little one to really spend quality time together. I'm looking forward to the early snuggle days and plan to wear baby often.

  9. I like seeing how much they change and grow.



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