Friday, September 13, 2013

Under Construction: Moving in

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I'm a little late on my update for this week, but we didn't make a whole ton of leaps and bounds on the renovation front, but we moved in!

Carpet was installed on Tuesday. We chose a medium gray and it's set off the colors on the walls really well.

We immediately started moving our daily living items over and actually spent our first night there! My parents came up to help us and we had a family Scrabble match that got a little heated for some people...

On Wednesday we finished up clearing out the rental and said goodbye to the house we've lived in for the last 6 months. It was funny to realize that we moved into that house on Penny's first birthday and moved out on her 18th month.

Penny and I took off for a weekend at my parents while Adam put the final coats of stain and sealed the hardwood. The fumes that come off that stuff is not preggy & baby friendly, plus Adam got a ton of other projects done without having a toddler in the way.

Interestingly the color is a lot lighter than it was when he put the second coat of stain on it, but it is much better than what we started with.

He was able to get our TVs mounted in their spots, wire in their respective speakers, move the appliances back into the kitchen (so now I can actually cook at home!!) and hook up our washer and dryer. Yes, life definitely seems more inhabitable on this planet after this week.

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