Monday, September 30, 2013

Under Construction: Lights, Heat, Cabinets

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This update is going to be short - we got a couple important projects done in a really short amount of time, but they don't require a ton of explanation. ;)

Adam finished wiring the island and placed the light cans for our hanging pendant lights that will be above the bar. 

I finished grouting the hearth (and managed to pick up the wrong color grout, oops) which led to... 

Adam hooking up our pellet stove for the first time! We've never used one before so it was sort of a shot in the dark but it was amazing how quickly the house warmed up and seriously so cozy with the little fire burning. We won't be running it very much until Adam builds a safety fence.

We also met with a cabinet rep for a RTA (ready to assemble) cabinet company to get our kitchen measured and quoted. Here's the cabinet door that we picked out-

And in case you missed it last week, I wrote an update on my Pierogie babies - Penny and Pierogie #2!

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