Sunday, December 15, 2013

RadioShack Makeover Update #mc

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for RadioShack. I received a gift card to facilitate a shopping trip and promotional item as a thank you for participating.

Did you see my post about the awesome deals you were able to find at RadioShack's "Name your Deal" Black Friday extravaganza?

This weekend I unburied myself from all the blankets I've wrapped myself in (I'm a WA gal - anything under 40 and over 70 is just too crazy for me) and took to my local RadioShack store to see for myself all the awesome deals they have.

Now I live in a small town where changes are sometimes slow going, but what I hear is that by the end of this year (2013) RadioShack will made improvements to nearly all 4,300 stores throughout the nation. Most of these stores will a get a full makeover to make them look more visually appealing and easier to find what you're looking for, as well as updating product categories.

When I visited my store I picked up something that I've been partly dreaming of / partly not sure if I wanted to open this can of worms. I'm talking about portable DVD players - specifically for the car. We're a very mobile family and the holidays are a 3 month marathon of trips between both sides of the family. Penny has gone through phases where she tolerates car rides, but as she grows older (and when Ruby is born), peace of mind and sanity for these several hour long car rides is kind of becoming a must. But then on the other hand.. is this a world I really want to dive into? 

Well, I decided to give it a shot anyways and picked up a snazzy portable dvd player to keep in my Duraburb when it's complete.

Check out the RadioShack Holiday Hub to see how you can complete your Christmas shopping list (or just pick up something 'just because') to find more great deals.

Do you use a dvd player in your car for road trips? 

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