Monday, December 30, 2013

Top Pierogie Mama Posts of 2013

Seriously, 2013 is almost over. And lately I've just been in awe of how much my blog has grown ... and of course, I have all of you lovlies to thank for it :)

I wanted to share a recap of some of my favorite (and top clicked) posts of the year. Feel free to peruse, pin, comment, whatevs. :)

This was seriously one of our best vacations ever - our babymoon in Leavenworth
Cloth mamas - you know what I'm talking about when I discuss the badonkadonk issues with cloth babies. Here's my thoughts on how to dress a cloth diapered little girl
A revamp on a recipe I've had for a long time - Sour Cream Banana Bread with Coconut Oil
This sweet 10 month old girl (who will be 2 before I know it...)
I chose a natural birth and why I'll do it again
Our 4th wedding anniversary gift: Pierogie #2!
Read this post if you want to hear about the time I got covered in hippo poop.

For this coming new year, I've got some exciting plans on sharing with you...
  • preparing (or attempting to) for a 2nd baby
  • travels around the Pacific Northwest, specifically Seattle area.
    Keep an eye out for our upcoming visit to the gorgeous Salish Lodge at Snoqualmie Falls to check out their babymoon package - we've been blessed with a 3rd trimester babymoon!
  • more pregnancy, breastfeeding, cloth diapering articles
  • recipes
  • family friendly product reviews
Got something in mind that I haven't listed here? What about a product that you'd like me to review? Has there been a question burning in your mind about The Pierogie Mama that you just need to have answered? Send me a line :)

Let's be sure we stay friends in 2014 :)
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  1. I had fun writing my top 10 post for 2013. I am so happy with how far my blog has come this year. And definitely checking out the hippo poop post.

  2. I should really look at what my top clicked posts were for the year, would be interesting to see.



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